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Powered scissors tacking device

Cutting edge assistive technology!

This custom solution was designed for a young lady with Cerebral Palsy to have more input and control in one of her favourite activities – making neck scarfs.

She has very minimal control over her movements and previously relied heavily on her carers for all components of this activity – with the exception of selecting the material colour, of course.

With this solution she is assisted to position her hand in the hand guard and the powered scissors are turned on, and the material is firmly secured by the drop down securing levers so that the scissors can make a clean cut. She then pushes the scissors along the tracker to cut the material, thereby creating a scarf.

The material is circular, once cut, it can be twisted around the neck to form a neck scarf.

This solution provides a mechanism and opportunity to produce intentional movement that allows her to successfully participate in an activity with little intervention.

This device not only allows for greater activity participation but is also a therapeutic tool to assist with intentional movement generation.

Please note, Solve’s assistive technologies are custom designed and built for each individual. The solutions pictured are not available for purchase or distribution as stand-alone or commercial products.

An individual assessment with a Solve occupational therapist is required to determine the appropriate assistive technology is safe and suitable for each individual.

Get in touch to enquire about this solution, or your can request a service to book an assessment!


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