How much will it cost?

At Solve, we aim to keep out-of-pocket costs to you as low as possible. We work with you and your insurance company or health support provider to assist with claims and payments. Our rates are aligned with industry standards set externally by government funding bodies such as NDIS, TAC and Medicare.

There are two parts to our service:

  1. Occupational Therapy (OT) services
  2. Assistive Technology (equipment) & Freedom Wheels Customised Bikes

Occupational Therapy services

Our OTs provide specialised assessments for your equipment needs, as well as completion of documents such as clinical reports, justification and applications (e.g. SWEP applications).

NDIS or other funding schemes:

If you are an NDIS participant you will be provided with a quote and service agreement. After accepting, your plan will be charged an hourly rate for Occupational Therapy input throughout the project (including clinical report writing). Other funding schemes or health insurance providers may be billed directly, or you may seek reimbursement using the documentation provided.


Under 65 

If you are under the age of 65 you will be charged a set fee for the initial Occupational Therapy visit (if an assessment is required) and an hourly rate for a written clinical report (if required). These costs may be recoverable from your funding scheme or health insurance provider.

Over 65

If you are over the age of 65 you will not be charged for our Occupational Therapy assessment, unless you require a written clinical report. Report writing will be charged at an hourly rate. You will be consulted regarding any charges before we commence report writing.


Find our Solve Fee Schedule.


Assistive Technology (Equipment) construction

You (or your funding body) will be provided with a free, no-obligation quote for the equipment recommended by your OT. We will not begin building your equipment until you or your funding body have approved the quote.

Because we run a specialised service, quotes are individualised to each project. The price for each unique solution is dependent on the material costs for each piece of equipment or modification, and the complexity of the construction.

Subsidies or grant opportunities may be available to individuals without access to funding or health insurance. Please discuss your individual circumstance with your OT.

Page updated: 18 February 2019