Solve and the NDIS

What is the NDIS and how does it work?

The NDIS is a new disability initiative that changes the way people with a disability under 65 will receive funding from the government. It will offer them more choice and greater control over their funding. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is the agency responsible for implementing and overseeing the NDIS.  After clients and NDIA agree on a support plan, clients will be given a budget which they can choose to spend with approved service providers.

When is the NDIS happening?

The NDIS is being rolled out across Victoria over the next few years.


Who is eligible for NDIS funding?

Everyone will need to be assessed individually, but broadly speaking clients need to be:

  • Under 65 yrs old when their local area joins the NDIS
  • Need support to do everyday things because of a permanent impairment or condition

Some children under 6 years old will be eligible for NDIS even if their disability is not permanent but a developmental delay, if early intervention will significantly reduce any issues later on.

How can I check my eligibility?

Go to the NDIS website to work out if you may be eligible to access the NDIS.

If you think you are eligible call the National Disability Insurance Agency on 1800 800 110 to get an ‘Access Request Form’ that you will need to complete & return to NDIA to register.

Once registered you will need to start thinking about your plan – for example gathering information on what you want to achieve, and what sort of supports would you like. After your plan is agreed with the NDIS you can choose the providers of your services.

How to use Solve Disability Solutions under the NDIS

Solve Disability Solutions is an approved NDIS provider.  We work with people with disabilities to custom make equipment, and have three main areas of service:

  • Provision of specialised therapeutic and technical advice on equipment;
  • Modification of commercially available equipment;
  • Design and construction of equipment otherwise commercially unavailable.

Clients under 65 who are participants in the NDIS and have goals that require custom made assistive technology will need to allow for Solve therapist services and equipment in their support plans.  Our therapist services can be deducted from the 'CB Daily Activity' provision specified in your NDIS plan. The type of equipment you require Solve to provide must have been approved within the 'Assistive Technology' support category in your plan.

What impact will the NDIS have on the way Solve provides its service?

As a Tier 3 service provider in the NDIS funding environment, Solve no longer receives State Government funding in the regions where NDIS has rolled out. 

Under the NDIS, Solve will continue to provide the same unique service but there will be changes in the way we charge for this in regions covered by the NDIS.

Clients who are not eligible for NDIS funding can still receive services from Solve.

The scheme does not cover everyone and we will still rely on the generosity of our supporters to continue to provide our services. 

More information

If you live in a region that is covered by the NDIS, download one of the following documents to find out more about changes to the way Solve charges for our service.

Important information for people living in regions covered by the NDIS

Important information for Freedom Wheels clients living in regions covered by the NDIS

Page updated: 29 June 2017