An adult bike and outriggers for Rhys

Rhys, who has an intellectual disability and low muscle tone, wanted to ride independently at school, home and on holidays.

When 12 year old Rhys attended a Freedom Wheels clinic, he was already the height and weight of an adult. After assessing his abilities, our Freedom Wheels therapist recommended an adult-sized low ‘step-through’ bike with Solve adult outriggers, which provide greater stability for Rhys than commercial options.

A bike with crutch holders

After Alesia outgrew her special tricycle, her parents wanted to rekindle her interest in cycling. When she took collection of her customised Freedom Wheels bike, her father happened to mention that carrying her forearm crutches was the only thing stopping her from riding to school independently.

Solve added some crutch holders to her new bike so she can ride to school rather than being pushed in her wheelchair. “Everybody in school loves her new bike,” say her parents. “It has really boosted her independence and self-esteem.”

Riding together

Marco, and his little brother Lucas, really wanted to ride together. On his Freedom Wheels bike, with modified pedals and our customised outriggers for stability, Marco no longer has to settle for walking alongside Lucas. According to their parents, “Lucas is ever so thankful because as a sibling he and Marco can now do things together. The smiles on their faces are priceless.”

Lily's turn to rideLily’s turn to ride

Lily’s family, all very keen cyclists, wanted her to join them on family bike rides. She attended a Freedom Wheels clinic, where our therapist assessed her cycling requirements. Lily has severe cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair but with the addition of our customised Freedom Wheels attachments, is now able to sit and ride her own customised bike with the rest of her family.

Freedom Wheels gabeA cool bike for Gabe!

For seven year old Gabe, born with no forearms and very short upper arms due  to a rare genetic condition, being able to ride a bike for the first time was a big moment.

Gabe is a young boy who knows his own mind. Having inspected the assessment bikes at his first Freedom Wheels Clinic, he decided the racy 16 inch Trek  was his favourite.  The biggest challenge for the Freedom Wheels Team was to come up with a way for Gabe, with his shortened limbs , to hold on, balance and steer the bike. As well as adding outrigger wheels and a larger pommel seat to help Gabe balance, the team extended the handlebars to bring them within his reach. Gabe leans his upper body on the handlebars for support and to help him steer.

Gabe had very strong ideas about how his new bike should look so he persuaded the Freedom Wheels volunteers to paint his outrigger wheels black to match the bike. The finished bike looked very cool!

Getting a bike that looks just like the ones his friends ride was a dream come true for Gabe.

Just a quick note to let you know that Callum is enjoying his bike. We have had a couple of spills, but straight back on he gets. I can’t thank you and your helpers enough. You have made one little boy very happy now that he can ride his bike around with his sister. You’re all a very special group of people at TADVIC. Thank-you!!

- Tracey, mother of Callum (8, Cerebral Palsy)

We took Joshua’s bike away with us on a family cycling weekend. All I can say is “WOW”! Joshua spent the weekend on his bike with his brother. He learnt to ride on bike tracks, grass, dirt roads and through the camp ground. He’s learnt to get on and off on his own, avoid obstacles and explore with new found freedom. Without this program I don’t know if Joshua would ever have successfully ridden a bike under his own steam.

- Lyn, mother of Joshua, (11, Cerebral Palsy)

Brianna has loved her adventure on her new bike and we have noticed a huge improvement in her strength in her legs and stability in her standing and walking by herself. We are very grateful for all the work that was done by TADVIC.

- Donna-Marie, mother of Brianna (9, Ataxia)

Having her own modified bike has given Rachel and her sister another activity that they can do together. It is a pleasure watching the two of them riding together.

- Angela, mother of Rachel (9, Cerebral Palsy)