Timetable: Freedom Wheels Clinics

There will be Freedom Wheels Assessment Clinics run by Solve Disability Solutions at Solve Head Office in Kew on the following dates:

Friday, 14/9/2018

Wednesday, 3/10/2018


There will be regional Freedom Wheels Assessment Clinics running from 9.30am to 3pm on the following dates:

31/8/2018 - Geelong (Barwon Valley Activity Centre, Belmont)

Peninsula (Mornington Special School) - Date to be confirmed

Warragul (Warragul Special School) - Date to be confirmed

Albury (Belvor Special School) - Date to be confirmed

Sunraysia (venue & date to be confirmed)



pdfClick to download the Freedom Wheels brochure.

To apply to have your child participate in a clinic, you can download an application form, click on the Request a Service button or call Solve on 1300 663 243.

Page updated: 07 August 2018