Landscaping equipment modifications

Landscaping tools were adapted to cater for the reduced mobility and strength in client’s right arm caused by an acquired brain injury. This included adding a rotating handle to the side of his wheelbarrow, modifying the handle of his shovel and constructing a magnetic nail holder.

Adapted mouse and keyboard stand

Client was not able to use a mouse in its standard operational position. Solve customised and rewired an optical mouse so that it loops over his hand and can be used resting on his leg. They also provided a customised shelf to raise his keyboard to a more comfortable height.

Worktable and desk for wheelchair

A removable and fully adjustable desktop that can be mounted to his wheelchair armrest and accommodates his keyboard, mouse and mousepad, enabled a man with paralysis to continue to work.

Rotator for dismantling PC boxes

A rotating benchtop jig that holds a computer box enables a client with no function in one hand to reposition the boxes independently so that he can reach all the components.