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Solve’s custom and adaptable equipment solutions are designed around the individual user, focusing on their abilities, their goals and most importantly, their safety.

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Boccia Ramp

Roll out!  Solve creates unique solutions for individual sport & recreation activities. This unique solution was created for an individual with quadriplegia who is a […]

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Custom Sensory Light & Fan Box

Solve creates unique solutions for individual sensory needs. This unique solution was created for a boy with Autism who is drawn to lights and fans. […]

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Beach Walker

The beach is for everyone! Solve works with people with disability and equipment providers to develop unique and adaptable solutions for all life domains – […]

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Custom Wheelchair Pool Cue

Rack em up! Solve creates unique solutions for your favourite sport and recreational activities. Features Powered pool cue arm Overhead cue ball lighting Directional laser […]

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Custom Cutlery

Struggling with standard cutlery? We can help! Solve can modify your current cutlery set to meet your needs.  Features Extensions Finger attachments Hand clips Balancing […]

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Table Raisers

Raisers for your tables and desks. Made by River Having trouble with table height or fixed risers? Try these! Features Two diameters available 65mm and […]

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Mouth Pieces

Choose from a selection of custom mouth pieces for playing darts, painting and more! Made by River Pictured (top and bottom right): Blow dart gun […]

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Custom Cutting Boards

Fancy a slice?! Made by River Cutting board (pictured top middle and bottom left) Plastic base for easy cleaning and long-life durability  Multi-direction knife securing […]

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Adjustable Reading Tables

Read, watch or work with ease with an adjustable reading table. Made by River Keep your books, papers, and devices secure at your preferred angle […]

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Custom Transfer Boards

Transfer on and off with confidence and ease! Made by River Custom transfer ‘slide’ boards made for you to use at home, work, in the […]

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Multi-Terrain Cane

Our innovative Multi-Terrain Cane is designed for your active life – wherever your adventures take you. The Multi-Terrain Cane for people with low-no vision is versatile across many […]

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Travel Commode

Our custom travel commodes are fit-for-person – wherever your adventures take you. We can make or modify your commode to meet your travel requirements, and […]

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Custom walker handles

Our custom walker handles are fit-for-person – made just for you. Easily modify your walker to suit your needs. Features 3D printing technology (pictured) Kevlar […]

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Sit to Stand Ladder

The Sit to Stand Ladder is ideal for children who need practice standing up from a sitting position, enabling them to develop their sitting and […]

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Side Support Chair

Our long sitting is designed to provide postural support for children. Created by TAD The chair has a winged back support to help the child maintain […]

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Standing Frame

The Standing Frame is an adjustable chest, hip and knee support frame, created for children who need additional support in standing. Created by TAD Easily […]

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Rolling Stool

The Rolling Stool allows for enhanced mobility, comfort and accessibility for adults working with children at low level tables, or assisting them in learning to […]

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Adjustable Chair and Table

The Adjustable Chair and Table is suitable for young children who need support to maintain an upright and stable posture. Created by TAD Features The […]

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Raised Side Support Chair

Our raised side support chair is designed to provide postural support for children. This chair comes with an adjustable height table. Created by TAD The […]

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Step and Rail

The Step and Rail has been created to assist children with poor balance or short stature allowing them sit and transfer on and off the […]

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Mobility Walker

The mobility walker is ideal for children who need additional support learning to walk. Created by TAD Steered by the child, the walker allows freedom of […]

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Custom stairs and rails

Custom stairs and railing to maintain balance and independence. Custom stairs and rails – and installation! Features Choose from permanent and removable design options Select […]

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Rear mount for scooter or wheelchair

Mounts built to fit your mobility devices! This custom solution features a reinforced mounting system to safely and securely hold a fold-up seat on the […]

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Trampoline steps

Custom, affordable step units to fit your trampoline. Get on and off safely, independently, and with ease. Features Select from wood, steel or aluminium, or […]

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Safe scissors mount

Safety solutions for your creative activities! This adaptable solution features safety-lock fabric scissors on an ascending wooden mount. Originally designed for a recreational use in […]

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Accessible ramps

Accessible ramps are an easy and affordable way to make your home, office or business more accessible. Perfect for overcoming barriers such as: gutters steps […]

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As-You-Grow Chair

Custom, adjustable chairs built to grow with you! This custom steel framed chair includes a flat upholstered seat and customisable back height support. The adaptable […]

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Powered scissors tacking device

Cutting edge assistive technology! This custom solution was designed for a young lady with Cerebral Palsy to have more input and control in one of […]

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Exercise bike and carousel

Custom exercise equipment to keep you active! This highly customised and themed solution features a custom exercise bike and solar powered carousel, designed for a […]

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Wheelchair Loader

Easy in, easy out! Custom loading technologies built to fit your vehicle. This custom solution was designed and built for an elderly man with Multiple […]

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Wheelchair baby-seat

Baby’s day out, with dad!! This custom solution was designed for someone with spinal injury, and a new baby. It features a commercial bike baby-seat, […]

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Toilet framed ‘step and rail’

Best seat transfer in the house! This custom solution was made for a 3-year old girl with Triplegia – a medical condition characterized by the […]

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Ventilator mount

Supporting you, every breath of the way! A ventilator tray that attaches to the back of his wheelchair, and a mounting device that strengthens and […]

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Perspex tray for school

Essential tools for education and early childhood development. This custom solution is a transparent, adjustable easel that sits on the table, increasing access and participation […]

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Seated workstation for two

Table for two, please! This custom solution is a lightweight portable workstation with two separately adjustable work surfaces. It was designed and built to fit […]

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Mounts for communication device

Don’t drop it – mount it! This custom solution features a mounting arm for an adjustable chair, enabling better access to Dynavox communication device and […]

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Adjustable mobile holder for wheelchair

Ring, ring – your next solution is ready! This custom solution was designed to hold both a mobile device and a wireless landline. With a […]

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Wheelchair tray

Serving up convenient surfaces, wherever you are! This custom solutions features a small wooden tray that slides onto a wheelchair, mounted on a turntable to […]

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Mini golf putting arm

It’s a real hole in one! This custom solution features a powered putting arm that slides onto a mount on a power wheelchair, controlled by […]

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Seat for discus and shot-put

Going for gold! This custom solution features a lightweight, portable chair enabling a Paralympian with Cerebral Palsy to compete in seated discus and shot-put. Custom […]

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Wheelchair worktable

Everything you need in one place! This custom solution was designed and built for someone with paralysis to continue to work. It features a removable […]

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Custom mouse and keyboard stand

Custom technologies for school or work. This custom solution was designed and built for someone who wasn’t able to use a mouse in its standard […]

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Landscaping equipment

Custom equipment and modifications for house and yard work. These custom solutions feature custom landscaping tools that have been adapted to cater for the reduced […]

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Wheelchair pram

Custom solutions for busy parents. This custom solution features a mount that enables dad to hitch the pram to the front of his self-propelled wheelchair, […]

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Opera glasses stem

Defying gravity, and distance! This custom solution features a flexible stem for opera glasses that can be adjusted for both height and angle enable better […]

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Wheelchair wheelbarrow

Work in tow! This custom solution features a converted wheelbarrow-trailer that attaches to a 4WD power wheelchair, enabling easy collection and transport of light loads, […]

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Wheelchair luggage trailers

Let’s roll!!! These custom solutions feature two highly maneuverable luggage trailers that attach to the back of two power wheelchairs. These durable solutions accommodate two […]

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Mixing bowl tipper

What’s cookin’?! This custom solution features a customised, locking bowl tipper that holds the mixing bowl at the correct angle over the cake tin. Originally […]

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Shower transfer bench

Safe and stable, and customised for your shower or bath! This custom solutions modified a commercial shower bench and extended the bench, with reinforcements to […]

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Custom sleepwear

Sweet dreams are made of these! These custom one-piece pyjamas feature several layers of security, including internal drawstrings and a secure closure at the top […]

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Wheelchair hitch

“Ready for bin day?” This custom solution features a hitch and attachment for the back of a scooter, enabling independent towing a wheelie bin. Never […]

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Wine tipper

Wine not?? This custom wine tipper was designed to enable easy, one-handed, independent pouring. Never spill again! We can customise a tipper to securely hold […]

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