Each year Solve Disability Solutions partners with universities across Victoria to transfer assistive technology expertise to an emerging workforce of aspiring engineers and allied health professionals. Working with academics and department heads at some of Victoria’s most prominent universities, Solve’s unique (clinical–technical) business model and clinical process is now fittingly embedded in course curriculum. Solve occupational therapists (OT) support students to enhance knowledge and spark engagement through the delivery of interactive presentations, project co-design opportunities, and core OT skill development and training. Students majoring in occupational therapy, biomedical engineering, mechanical and mechatronics receive invaluable exposure to front-line therapists and real-life cases.Read More

We are pleased to announce the new Green Safe Walker - the only Bowls Australia approved walking frame which can be used on a lawn bowls green. The Green Safe Walker is available exclusively from TAD Australia providers.Read More

We welcome Dr Lisa Chaffey to the Solve Board. Lisa, an occupational therapist, is an experienced and accomplished leader across the fields of disability community development, occupational therapy, and sport. Lisa has demonstrated skills in risk management, stakeholder engagement, service design, curriculum and research design and operational delivery. She has taken her lifelong experience of being a wheelchair user, and created learning opportunities for health professional students and people with disabilities throughout the Australia Oceania region.Read More

Our Freedom Wheels program has been given a boost through generous donations from several trusts and foundations. We thank Gandel Philanthropy, Chain Reaction Challenge Foundation and Rotary Kew for helping us to give children with disability the opportunity to ride their very own customised bike. The overwhelming desire of all of us, including these trusts and foundations, is to see children joining in cycling activities alongside their peers. These donations have enabled us to provide many more children with Freedom Wheels bikes by subsidising bikes for those experiencing financial disadvantage and providing "Loan Bikes" so that children are able to ride a customised bike while they wait on NDIS funding for their bike. Read More

Collier Charitable Fund are helping Solve to become leaders in innovation! With their support in 2018, we employed an engineer to investigate new technologies and develop partnerships with RMIT and Swinburne Universities. Throughout the year Solve worked with students majoring in design and bio-engineering. The students worked in teams  with our clients and with Solve volunteer mentors to optimise solutions applying the latest research, methodologies and collaborative approaches for best outcomes. Through these teams, young students were able to learn some real-life skills from our older volunteers, while our volunteers certainly learnt a lot about the cutting edge technologies that students work with these days. The resulting Assistive Technology solutions demonstrated the exciting possibilities that technologies such as 3D Printing, Eye Gaze Technology and Robotics bring to Solve.Read More

Solve Disability Solutions relies on the generosity of Trusts and Foundations to continue to be able to provide our unique service to people with disabilities throughout Victoria. This month we thank Give Where You Live and the Sentinel Foundation for their support of the Barwon Branch and the Marian & EH Flack Trust for their grant to support development of equipment to enable 20 people with disabilities to participate in the recreation activity of the choice.Read More

The Freedom Wheels Modified Bike Program has been rolling across regional Victoria. Our latest journeys to Ballarat and Bendigo have delivered 10 children with modified bike assessments getting them one step closer to having their very own bike. And thanks to the generosity of Allen’s Philanthropy, we were able to offer these assessments free of charge.Read More

We're strengthening our reach across Victoria! We recently welcomed two new Occupational Therapists to the Solve team. Meet Melissa (left) and Fiona (right). Melissa will be working with clients in Mornington and South East Melbourne, and Fiona will be heading up our regional projects in Ballarat. We welcome them to the team!!Read More

Meet 4-year old Isaac! Isaac has autism and has difficulty sleeping/staying asleep at night; he also gets frustrated and anxious from time-to-time. As a baby Isaac was comforted by the reclined rocking motion of a baby bouncinette but, like many kids he outgrew his baby gear. Isaac's mum contacted Solve directly seeking help in designing and building a larger, custom piece of equipment to help with Isaac's sleeping pattern and provide him with a retreat to calm his frustrations. Thanks to the Solve assessment, design and building services and the generosity of Plumbtec - Mildura and Perth-based ROSTA GmbH, Isaac now has a custom-built toddler bouncinette, and enjoys up to 11 hours of sleep a night!Read More