Interested in Volunteering?

Solve volunteers give their time freely and are reimbursed for out of pocket expenses such as materials, travel, telephone calls etc. New volunteers are required to participate in a half day Induction Training course and all volunteers are encouraged to attend branch meetings/days that are held during the year. Volunteer opportunities are outlined below.

Enquire online about becoming a volunteer or download an application form from the download box on the right and send it in to Solve Disability Solutions. 

1. Technical Volunteers
Solve Disability Solutionís Technical volunteers use their own workshop (or a workshop they have access to) and tools to design, make or modify equipment for people with disabilities when there is no commercial option available. Initially, the volunteer attends an appointment with the client and the Solve Disability Solutions Occupational Therapist at the place where the equipment is to be used, and together they identify a solution that will be practical, safe and appropriate to the client's needs and medical condition. The volunteer then makes/modifies the equipment/aid in their own time.

2. Freedom Wheels Volunteers
Volunteers who wish to be involved in the Freedom Wheels modified bike program can assist in any or all of the following ways:

2.1  Bike Assessment Clinics. Childrenís specific needs are assessed by Solve Disability Solutions Occupational Therapists at bike clinics held in Melbourne and selected regional centres in Victoria. Volunteers assist by taking off and adding on specific parts of the bike e.g. pedals, back supports etc. until the bike is customised to meet the individual needs of the client.

2.2  Bike Customisation (Assembly). Once the needs of the client have been assessed, a separate bike build day is arranged to assemble the bikes. Each bike is customised to the specific needs of the client, this work is undertaken by a team of volunteers at Solve Disability Solutionsí Central Office- Kew, using specially designed support equipment.

3. Administrative Roles for Volunteers
Roles are limited in administration, however skills in, filing, general office work, various  computer software packages and customer service are all valuable.

4. Corporate Volunteers
Corporations interested in providing volunteering experiences for their staff are asked to contact our Volunteer Coordinator on 9853 8655.

5. Selection Process
After a Volunteer Application form has been returned to Solve Disability Solutions, it will be assessed and you will be contacted and advised if you have been selected for an interview or if your application was unsuccessful.

5.1. National Police Records Check
Following the interview, if found suitable for the role a National Police Records Check is required. Solve Disability Solutions will ask you to complete the relevant form, you will be required to supply suitable identification for a 100 point check. Solve Disability Solutions will process the check through an on line service- CrimCheck. Results will be sent directly to Solve Disability Solutions with no cost to the volunteer. Check results are confidential and must be renewed every 5 years.

5.2. Working with Children Check (WWC)
Technical volunteers and Freedom Wheels (Clinic) volunteers are required to apply for a Working with Children Check. You will be advised to do this once the interview has taken place and you are found suitable for the role. These checks are administered by the Department of Justice and processed through Australia Post outlets (free of charge for volunteers). You can apply on line or obtain a paper based application form from a participating Australia Post outlet. For information or to apply on line go to  

*When completing the application, for Question 11, of the WWC check the code is 38.