Project Examples

Camera Mount

Solve Disability Solutions projects improve the independence and participation of people with disabilities in everyday activities, recreational pursuits, education, work and accessing their community.

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Further Information

  • Everyday Living Activities
    Our custom equipment solutions enable people to have greater independence or quality of life around the home.
  • Enhancing Education
    Solve provides the custom equipment necessary to fully access education, from kindergarten to tertiary level.
  • Connecting and Communicating
    Solve's custom equipment enables people to make connections and communicate with others in their community.
  • Getting out & about - Mobility
    By modifying wheelchairs, walkers, scooters and other vehicles, Solve assists people to access their community and beyond.
  • Vocational and Ecomonic Life
    Solve's custom equipment solutions increase employment opportunities by providing advice and equipment to assist in all aspects of employment.
  • Sport and Recreation
    Solve's custom equipment enables people to participate in sport, craft, leisure activities and so much more.