How Projects Operate

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Anyone with a disability or their representatives can request assistance from Solve Disability Solutions on 1300 663 243 or through this website by clicking on the blue "Request a Service" button.

Each unique request is assessed and monitored by a project coordinator (an occupational therapist), who will be in contact with the client to discuss it further before proceeding.

Once the project is confirmed, the client will be sent a client guide with information about what to expect and their rights and responsibilities (eg. privacy, project environment, feedback etc.)

The project coordinator will assign the project to a technical volunteer according to their particular skills and location. Solve Disability Solutions volunteers are practical people with engineering, trade, technical or handyman skills.

The project cooordinator and the volunteer will visit the person at the place where the equipment is to be used, eg. home, school, workplace, to ensure that the solution is both practical and appropriate to the userís needs and abilities.

The project coordinator and the volunteer will work closely with the individual and their team to design and make or modify equipment to suit their specific requirement. Volunteers use their own workshops and give their time and skills freely.

Projects vary from very simple to more complex. For some of the more complex projects, the volunteer and the project coordinator may have to make several visits to the client to fine tune the equipment.

For clients living in areas where NDIS has not been rolled out, there is no charge for our service, however the cost of materials and the volunteers' travel expenses are charged at the completion of the project.

There have been changes made to the way Solve charges for its service in regions where the NDIS has rolled out. To find out more go to Solve and the NDIS 

Solve Disability Solutions request feedback about the project, once the client has had an opportunity to use it in situ. Three months after completion, the client will receive a project feedback form. It is important to be honest with the feedback. If the equipment has not solved the problem, we may be able to further modify it to meet the requirements.

Note: Before contacting Solve Disability Solutions, the client should make a search of commercially available products. The Independent Living Centre in Melbourne, telephone (03) 9362 6111 or 1300 885 886 for country callers provides this service.

If you have a hearing or speech impediment, please contact us through the National Relay Service.

To speak to us in a language other than English please phone us via the Telephone Interpreter Service (TIS)
on 13 14 50.